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Our Meats: Our Farm

Our Pasture Raised Meats

Black Angus cows eating

Our Pasture Raised Black Angus Beef

Pasture Raised. All Natural. No Antibiotics. Hormone Free. 21 Day Dry Aged. 

Our Black Angus cows are born and raised right here on our farm!

From the first day they are born, our Angus cows spend the majority of their days roaming and grazing on our grass pasture right across the street from our store. Every year we grow our own crops to create a grass blend feed for our cows to enjoy every day and during the snowy season.


We take care of these gentle giants if they get sick, making sure that no animal suffers. We provide the babies with towels, jackets, and blankets when they're born in March & April and when they make their arrival during a massive snow storm. We cushion their barn so it remains warm and clean it throughout the months.

We age our meat at least 21 days before we bring it into our store to ensure freshness and deliciousness! Our local USDA Inspected butcher dry-ages, cuts, and packages your meat. 

While the cuts available vary each week, some of the cuts you can find are; loose hamburger, hamburger patties, chuck roasts, sirloin tip roasts, rolled rump roasts, London broil, shoulder roasts, short ribs, stew cubes, briskets, sweet beef sticks, hanger steaks, flat iron steaks, skirt steaks, chipped steak, flank steaks, NY strips, ribeyes, sirloin steaks, t-bones, porterhouse, fillets, tomahawk steaks and more!

Come taste the difference of our premium pasture raised, dry-aged beef.

All Natural, Free to Roam, None of the Bad Stuff.

Our Pasture Raised Chicken

Our all natural, pasture raised chickens are raised right here on our farm without any hormones or antibiotics. These chickens live a comfortable life, being able to go outside as they please and having a nice barn to rest in at night.


They are fed an all natural vegetable blend and are allowed to eat anything they find while outside roaming. These chickens are different than our laying hens that provide our delicious free range eggs and are raised separately.

While the cuts may vary each week, some of the cuts you can find are; whole chickens, half chickens, whole cut up chickens, thighs, wings, drumsticks, boneless breasts, backs & necks and more! 

Chicken is available throughout the Summer and Fall seasons.

Pasture raised chicken in a barnyard
Our Meats: Our Farm
Turkey in a barnyard

Our Pasture Raised Turkeys

Free to Explore, Fresh as Can Be.

In 2019 we started raising pasture raised turkeys. These not so little guys are free to roam all day long, sometimes going on expeditions throughout the barnyard, enjoying the cooler days and spending time in the shade. 

Our favorite thing about raising turkeys is walking around the barnyard and yelling "Hey Turkeys" while they come running. 

They are fed an all natural vegetable blend in addition to anything they find while outside roaming every day. They've taught us a lot and even provided a bit of entertainment. 
Our turkeys are only available in limited quantities and in November just in time for Thanksgiving.

Turkeys can be reserved by calling Steve or sending us an email. 

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