Pasture Raised, All Natural, No Antibiotics, Hormone Free, 21 Day Dry Aged.

Our Black Angus cows are born and raised right here on our farm! From the first day they are born, all of our animals are raised all naturally with an all natural feed and grass pasture and they're free to roam in their barn or the pasture as they please! We also take care of them when they're sick making sure that no animal suffers, and we provide the babies with towels, jackets, and blankets when they're born in March & April or of course, during a massive snow storm. During the winter they are fed a grass blend we make during the summer months. We cushion their barn so it remains warm and clean it throughout the months.
We age our meat at least 21 days before we bring it into our store to ensure freshness and deliciousness! Our local USDA Inspected butcher dry ages 21 days, cuts, and packages your meat. 

Come taste the difference of our dry aged beef.

All Natural, Free to Roam, None of the Bad Stuff.


Our all natural, pasture raised chickens are raised right here on our farm without any hormones or antibiotics. These chickens live a pretty comfy life, being able to go outside as they please and having a nice barn to rest in at night. They are fed an all natural vegetable blend and are allowed to eat anything they find while outside roaming. These chickens are different than our laying hens that provide our delicious free range eggs and are raised separately.
Our chickens are butchered and packaged under a strict USDA inspection.





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