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In 2021 we unveiled our temperature controlled greenhouse, named after Rt 174 Roadside Market staple, Cora Paulus, or known to many as "granny". 

One thing Granny was known for, besides being the best baker in town, quilting and her wit, was her love of flowers. She always believed that charging an arm and a leg for flowers was an insult and something so beautiful should be affordable. 

Each Spring and Fall we fill our greenhouse to the brim with flowers, planters, mums, herbs and veggies. Working with local growers in Shippensburg and Snyder County, if there's a flower you're looking for, we've most likely got a guy that can hook us up. 

Visit us and take a stroll through Granny's Greenhouse every Spring and Fall and find the color needed to make your home, lawn or garden beautiful (and also the envy of all your neighbors). 

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