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Brubaker Apiaries truck and man moving bee hives.


In the Winter of 2021 we partnered with Brubaker Apiaries to add 10 hives to a strip of land on our farm and since then the number of hives has grown as the bees immediately started thriving in their new environment. The honey harvested from our hives in early Summer is Black Locust Blossom and the honey harvested in mid-late Autumn is Wild Flower. Both varieties are sweet with a rich and delicious flavor and you can see a noticeable difference in the color of the honey (wildflower is little darker and black locust is a little lighter). 

Local, raw, unprocessed honey does wonders for allergies. You can pick-up either one of these varieties in our store, available in 1 lb. sizes only. 

Honey container and honey over a honey comb
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